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Updated News! The newly restored version of Robert William Hughes' classic film "Silent Film Star vs The Undead" (1929) made its World Premiere at the prestigious 2009 Coney Island Film Festival on October 3rd, 2009. Tickets for the show were sold out and people were turned away at the door. However, for a short time, you can see the entire film on the Filmography page by clicking above. Hurry! Check it out before it's too late!

You can also check out the trailer in the window above for "Silent Film Star vs The Undead" (1929), starring Ms. Amy Grumbling, Mr. Ben Dzamba, and of course, the fabulous Mr. Mark Hugo as the Silent Film Star himself.

At the dusk of the Silent Film Era, a filmmaker by the name of Robert William Hughes emergered and produced a number of bizarre and grotesque films which are only now becoming more well known to the general public. The star of his films, simply known as the Silent Film Star, was both a pioneer and a provocative figure at a time when filmmaking truly was in a state of flux.

For so long, Hughes' general body of work had been thought lost, until a recent discovery in the Canadian Yukon found many of his films relatively intact along with the director's original notes. Now, using state of the art technology, these films are being digitally restored and seen the way they were meant to be seen.

This website is dedicated to the Silent Film Star and the works of Robert William Hughes. It is a work in progress and a work of passion. Currently, one of Hughes' most famous pieces, "Silent Film Star vs The Undead" is making its way through the festival circuit in hopes of highlighting this director's little known career.

More updates are sure to follow as more films emerge from the past...


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